The University of Chicago Medical Center's (UCMC) Office of Business Diversity recognizes the critical nature of the medical surgical supplies we procure to care for our patients. We enjoy a robust Supply Chain team and integrate seamlessly into their processes in order to support UCMC goal attainment through the inclusion of certified minority- and women-owned firms in 1st and 2nd Tier business opportunities.

The Business Diversity Manager works directly with UCMC Supply Chain and purchasing leadership to identify certified minority- and women-owned firms to embed in the UCMC strategic sourcing and procurement process for consideration. Successful firms are then managed and developed to assure that UCMC performance requirements are being met and to position firms for additional opportunities.

The Office of Business Diversity deploys an internal and external strategy to develop firms in our portfolio while maintaining a link to new firms that may compete for future opportunities. Our partnership with local, regional and national advocacy agencies are designed to support the certification, growth and development of M/WBE firms that are and may possibly become part of the UCMC network.

James S. Williams Jr.
Business Diversity Manager