Expanding access to subspecialty care on the South Side

The Urban Health Initiative is also providing South Side residents with sub-specialty care through a number of inventive programs.

ACCESS Grand Boulevard

In an effort to expand high quality medical care in a community health center setting, the Urban Health Initiative has placed specialty care providers at Access Community Health Network (ACCESS) Grand Boulevard Health and Specialty Center. The clinic aims to increase specialty services available to patients living on the South Side. The absence of specialty care can lead to greater morbidity and perhaps mortality among patients from their underlying medical conditions.

Specialty Services at ACCESS include:

- Adult Infectious Disease

- Adult Cardiology

- Adult Rheumatology

- Adult Endocrinology

- Pediatric Endocrinology

- Pediatric Gastroenterology

- Pediatric Cardiology

- Pediatric Neurology



The UHI is pioneering ECHO-Chicago, an innovative model using state-of-the-art teleconference technology, disease management tools, and the expertise of specialists to form a knowledge transfer system that expands the skills of primary care providers at community health centers.  Developed to serve rural populations by the University of New Mexico, the UHI is the first to implement ECHO in an urban environment.  Using ECHO, specialists at the University of Chicago Medicine regularly engage in teleconferences with primary care physicians at South Side Healthcare Collaborative health centers to train them in the diagnosis, treatment and management of complex medical conditions that afflict residents of the South Side.

IRIS for Kids

The Urban Health Initiative has partnered with Stroger Hospital on the IRIS for Kids program. This automated, Internet-based scheduling system allows parents to book specialty care appointments for children at Stroger. Often the wait for these appointments is lengthy on the South Side and this system provides much-needed additional capacity. The project is designed to expand access to specialty care and diagnostic services.